Art Quilt Websites I Love


As I am  researching websites to learn the Art of Quilt Making, I  find a website I love and then forget what it was called or why I liked it so much.  I hope to expand this list and use it to help me find that special tutorial or cute little store that I use for special items.  Hope it helps other beginners like me get started on their quilting journey also.

For FREE tutorials that teach you how to quilt, plus wonderful fabrics and daily deals;

To SELL your handmade items:

For Beginner Quilters FREE tutorials:

Mother and Daughter quilting  team with great help for beginner Art Quilters:

For Quilting, Art Quilting and other Craft classes (cost run from $19 to $39) These classes are lengthy videos that you can back to anytime to see.  You can ask questions and the instructors post answers.  You are also able to take notes at crucial points and revisit them any time.

Free tutorial for Confetti technique by Gail Hunt:

6 thoughts on “Art Quilt Websites I Love

  1. I recently saw the most brilliant video about confetti quilting, how to use up all those bits and pieces of leftover fabric that you usually throw away. If you haven’t seen this, it’s worth a look for sure. You simply shred the pieces with your rotary cutter, scatter them over your quilt, cover with tulle, then quilt. A technique developed by a Japanese quilter. Just fantastic for landscape quilts and the tulle gives a lovely soft-focus look. I love the Internet, you can learn anything.

    • Thank you for your post. I remembered a confetti tutorial I saw and will add it to my post. Not sure if I am ready to try that treatment for my waves but it seems like a way to get them to appear more realistic.

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