Studio Organizing

I am so fortunate to have my dining room to use as a craft area.  I am not really a tidy person so I am surprised to find myself so interested in organizing my studio.  I can only think that it’s a product of necessity.  After spending a lot of time searching for fabrics and tools I realized that I could get projects completed with less frustration if I put things in order.

IMG_0301 IMG_0302 IMG_0303

6 thoughts on “Studio Organizing

  1. It’s always a challenge to stay organized. I constantly re-org the craft room. It
    would be much easier if I stopped buying stuff, LOL. I love all the colours in your quilt in your header there. I haven’t done too much sewing in the past few months but just learned some basic crochet moves yesterday, so I’m on to that….not enough time for all the things I love to do HA Thanks for following my blog! Every so nice of you 😀

    • Thank you too for reading and following me. Crocheting is fun; so many things that you can make. I made a bathroom rug and a purse years ago. I found it much easier that knitting.

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