Enjoying your blogs

I have been absent from my blog for a while.  I lost my sweet husband in September and haven’t been up to writing yet.  I sold the home we shared in Lake Forest, California and moved into a rental house in Huntington Beach until I decided what to do next.  Most everything I own is packed up in plastic containers so my sewing and crafting is on hold until August.  I bought a home in the Desert Hills area of Phoenix, Arizona.  It has a guest house so I convinced my family to move with me so we are all starting over in the Desert. (My daughter and her husband live in the state of Washington)  So it’s a real change for all of us.

Mainly what I want to share today though is how much I have enjoyed reading all your blogs.  Your beautiful projects have inspired my heart to return to my art projects; that is when I get settled.  I hope to start responding to your blogs and writing again soon and look forward to reading your posts.