Enjoying your blogs

I have been absent from my blog for a while.  I lost my sweet husband in September and haven’t been up to writing yet.  I sold the home we shared in Lake Forest, California and moved into a rental house in Huntington Beach until I decided what to do next.  Most everything I own is packed up in plastic containers so my sewing and crafting is on hold until August.  I bought a home in the Desert Hills area of Phoenix, Arizona.  It has a guest house so I convinced my family to move with me so we are all starting over in the Desert. (My daughter and her husband live in the state of Washington)  So it’s a real change for all of us.

Mainly what I want to share today though is how much I have enjoyed reading all your blogs.  Your beautiful projects have inspired my heart to return to my art projects; that is when I get settled.  I hope to start responding to your blogs and writing again soon and look forward to reading your posts.

4 thoughts on “Enjoying your blogs

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss. The upheaval of moving and moving again will be over sooner than you think, it sounds like. I am hoping that through these transitions you have support… and I’ll keep an eye out for August’s creations….

  2. Sorry to hear what you loss in just few days ago. It’s taking too much harder to start again and again. Good luck for your upcoming life. Thanks for taking your time to make this post for us.

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