New Business: The Crafty Quail

Using my sewing and quilting knowledge to start a business.

It all started with a 4 inch square coaster that I quilted.  It was easy to make and I thought it would be nice to have a throw to go with it.  Well, one thing led to another and before realized it, I was planning a new business. 

I fell in love with the flannel fabrics, especially the baby designed items and thought it would be cool to embroider something but I don’t know too many people with babies so I turned to kitchen items like towels that I could embroider.  Thus, the Brother PE770 was purchased.

A bit challenging at first but I figured it out.  Instructions at my side, I plug along daily, learning something new every day.  Youtube is also a lifesaver.  Still new at it but it’s good to have something new to conquer each day.    I am working on learning how to digitize embroidery patterns.  Finding a program that I can easily navigate has been difficult.  Let’s change that:  Impossible.  They are all hard.  I wanted a program that would be compatible with my MAC but almost all the programs are set up  for PC.  I ended up buying Embird.  It’s a good program but complicated.  I finally conceded in buying another:  PE Design Next which is in the mail to me as I type.  The  Youtube tutorial on it  looked less intimidating.  We will see.

I have sewn some baby items; blankets and burp cloths and embroidered a few small items.  I will post pictures soon.  Also I will take a picture of my new pup.  She is currently collecting rocks and putting them on the living room window sill.  Strange but true.

That’s it for today.  Hope you all have a great day and thank you for checking me out.