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Welcome.  My name is Janis Armstrong and I live in Desert Hills, Arizona with my two dogs Abby and Lexie.

Crafting has been a joy of mine since I created a glass mosaic in the 5th grade. I have dabbled in most every craft known and now am learning every aspect of the art quilting world. I believe I have found my niche in this area. Being able to paint a picture with fabrics was something I tried in the 80’s but I didn’t have all the wonderful fabrics and tutorials to accomplish this. Discovering the fusing was like finding an unexpected Christmas present under the tree. So it wasn’t long after that that I turned my dining room into a fabric studio and is where I spent most of my spare time working on art quilts and taking classes from various websites and tutorials while caring for my family.  When my husband went home to heaven and my son grew up and left the nest I moved to Desert Hills, Arizona. After graduation from College, my son moved here also and found a great job.  After about a year, my daughter and her husband  moved here also and are living in the guest house on my property.

I am hoping to use this blog to keep track of interesting and helpful quilting ideas and information and to have a central location to share my quilting experience with other crafters.

Something unexpected came from entering the craft world and that is the calmness and peace I have found from reading blogs written by like minded crafters. We all seem to be tied together in thoughts of color, textures, light, movement, nature, and making it all come together with our own expressions.

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Update 2018:  I am venturing on a new journey this year, selling products on Amazon and I will also be making some handmade embroidery and quilted items that I will list for sale in Amazon’s Homemade section.  That’s the goal!  I am in the process of turning my office into a quilting studio where I plan to quilt and finish customer’s quilts.  I am also turning the guest room into an embroidery and sewing room where I will make embroidered items for sale along with taking custom orders for customers wanting that special lettering or design on their apron, hat or tea towel, etc.

I will post some photos of my progress in setting up my work rooms and also the joys and pit falls of opening a new business.  Hopefully more joy and less pit falls. Ha Ha

Check back soon for photos, progress and connections to my new venture.

Use this page to navigate throughout my site. Click home for my latest blog.


12 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thank you so much for following my blog! Love your background! I will get back to posting soon–my home makeover is taking much more time and energy than I thought it would.

    • Thank you for your comments and I look forward to your future postings. Making over a home is exciting but exhausting. We lived in our home while we redid our entire home. We have 3 dogs and it was impossible to find a place to hang out while the work was done so during the day we camped in the back yard and slept in the house at night. It was awful. But worth it.

  2. Am far from being a quilter in my art but surely appreciate what you do – more than appreciate – am in awe. Thank you for your visit and follow at art rat cafe – I am honoured…

  3. Hi Janis, thank you for visiting my blog and deciding to folllow. I would like to return the favor. You’ve got some really interesting work here on your blog. I’ve just begun to look through it; it’s very cool! 🙂

    • Thanks, I have had company this month, sorry it took so long to respond. Thanks for reading my blog and your very nice comments. It’s so fun to see all the blogs and thoughts; especially from artists.

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