New Business: The Crafty Quail

Using my sewing and quilting knowledge to start a business.

It all started with a 4 inch square coaster that I quilted.  It was easy to make and I thought it would be nice to have a throw to go with it.  Well, one thing led to another and before realized it, I was planning a new business. 

I fell in love with the flannel fabrics, especially the baby designed items and thought it would be cool to embroider something but I don’t know too many people with babies so I turned to kitchen items like towels that I could embroider.  Thus, the Brother PE770 was purchased.

A bit challenging at first but I figured it out.  Instructions at my side, I plug along daily, learning something new every day.  Youtube is also a lifesaver.  Still new at it but it’s good to have something new to conquer each day.    I am working on learning how to digitize embroidery patterns.  Finding a program that I can easily navigate has been difficult.  Let’s change that:  Impossible.  They are all hard.  I wanted a program that would be compatible with my MAC but almost all the programs are set up  for PC.  I ended up buying Embird.  It’s a good program but complicated.  I finally conceded in buying another:  PE Design Next which is in the mail to me as I type.  The  Youtube tutorial on it  looked less intimidating.  We will see.

I have sewn some baby items; blankets and burp cloths and embroidered a few small items.  I will post pictures soon.  Also I will take a picture of my new pup.  She is currently collecting rocks and putting them on the living room window sill.  Strange but true.

That’s it for today.  Hope you all have a great day and thank you for checking me out.

Enjoying your blogs

I have been absent from my blog for a while.  I lost my sweet husband in September and haven’t been up to writing yet.  I sold the home we shared in Lake Forest, California and moved into a rental house in Huntington Beach until I decided what to do next.  Most everything I own is packed up in plastic containers so my sewing and crafting is on hold until August.  I bought a home in the Desert Hills area of Phoenix, Arizona.  It has a guest house so I convinced my family to move with me so we are all starting over in the Desert. (My daughter and her husband live in the state of Washington)  So it’s a real change for all of us.

Mainly what I want to share today though is how much I have enjoyed reading all your blogs.  Your beautiful projects have inspired my heart to return to my art projects; that is when I get settled.  I hope to start responding to your blogs and writing again soon and look forward to reading your posts.

What is an Art Quilt?

As a beginner art quilter I am constantly trying out new techniques and saw a tutorial where you use wool felt for batting and backing.  It looked like a great idea so I headed off to my local fabric store.

Upon reaching the fabric cutting counter at Joann’s, the clerk asked me what I was using the wool felt for.  I told her it was for backing and Art Quilt.  She seemed horrified and asked me what an Art Quilt was.  I said it was fabric art that you hang on the wall.  She still seemed bewildered and then said; “Are you planning on washing it?”  “No, I said, it’s art.”  She was finally relieved but by this time I was beginning to doubt myself.  The clerk said “That’s very expensive wool felt.”   I thought maybe I was making a mistake but boldly responded without showing any weakness;  “It’s for backing and wool doesn’t stretch and move when quilting.”

Upon checking out I discovered that cut fabric is returnable as long as it is in the same condition as when sold and you have a receipt.

I left the store feeling unsure but determined to proceed with my project and I could return the “very expensive” felt if  it was a mistake.

I re-watched the tutorial and was elated to discover that yes, it was indeed “wool” felt and proceeded to attach it to “Tidal Reflections”.  The needle went through the layers of fabric and embellishments like butter. It laid flat and didn’t stretch.  It was the perfect choice.  Whew!