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Crafting has been a joy of mine since I created a glass mosaic in the 5th grade. I have dabbled in most every craft known and now am learning every aspect of the art quilting world. I believe I have found my niche in this area. Being able to paint a picture with fabrics was something I tried in the 80’s but I didn’t have all the wonderful fabrics and tutorials to accomplish this. Discovering the fusing was like finding an unexpected Christmas present under the tree. So it wasn’t long after that that I turned my dining room into a fabric studio and is where I spend most of my spare time working on art quilts and taking classes from various websites and tutorials.

I am hoping to use this blog to keep track of interesting and helpful quilting ideas and information and to have a central location to share my quilting experience with other crafters.

You can check out my projects for sale at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ColorcrazyCreations

Something unexpected came from entering the craft world and that is the calmness and peace I have found from reading blogs written by like minded crafters. We all seem to be tied together in thoughts of color, textures, light, movement, nature, and making it all come together with our own expressions. I have found my “Happy” and hope you will too.

Here are some photos of my life in my studio.

Adoption day.

Adoption day. Lily’s first day home with us.

My Studio/Dining Room<

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